Wines show great colour intensity, pronounced aromas of red fruits and a harmonious and rich palate with ripe, silky tannins.

Vintage 2012: capricious weather, requiring vigilance at all times.

Autumn: very long and sunny.

Winter: very mild.

Spring: summery weather in March, followed by months of April, May and June that were cooler and very rainy (practically double the seasonal averages), meaning very slow vegetative development and severe flower-shatter during Pinot Noir vine-flowering.

Heavy and regular rainfall enforced great vigilance throughout the growing season in the fight against vine diseases.

On 30th June, an extensive hailstorm seriously affected harvest volumes in our parcels of vines in Pommard and one parcel in Meloisey. A second attack also occurred on 1st August.

Summer returned in August with alternating cool and very hot periods.

Harvesting started on 20th September, with a crop that was not very abundant but showed very good healthiness and a good level of maturity.

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