The vines

The cultivation method is traditional with respect for the environment. The greatest attention is paid to the vines.

The estate's golden rule: "You need to have good grapes to make a good wine!" »

The average age of the estate's vines is relatively high. The vines are made up of low-yielding mass selections. This heritage is preserved by annual transplanting of missing vines in order to maintain the production potential of the vine. We also favor tillage. Plowing aerates the soil and forces the root system to draw from the deepest horizons, allowing the particularities of each terroir to be best expressed.


In winter, pruning is adapted according to the vigor of each vine stock in order to ensure balanced and optimal growth of the vine, thus guaranteeing a harvest of top quality grapes during the ripening season.

photo vigne broutette+clou hiver


In the spring, each vine is carefully disbudded by hand, leaving only enough shoots for a reasonable load of grapes.
The vines are then raised and placed side by side to hold the branches between the wires while ensuring their distribution to limit the crowding of vegetation.



Always with a view to obtaining grapes with a good maturity, if necessary, we favor the green harvest if necessary by cutting a few bunches to have a well-balanced foot. We also practice leaf stripping to have better aeration of the bunches and thus limit the risk of development of botrytis in order to obtain grapes with a perfect sanitary condition.




To define the date of the harvest, we carry out regular checks of the maturity of the grapes by sampling the berries. The harvest is manual and the sorting is done directly in the vines to avoid crushing the grapes. Our team of pickers who return year after year are used to this work. The harvest is quickly transported to the winery, in crates.